The Bible In Shakespeare's Macbeth And The Bible

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Nathan Hugh Cameron
Vanessa Dean
31 January 2017
Macbeth & The Bible
It has been said that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth for King James. King James was the man responsible for translating and printing the King James Bible. So after reading through some websites, the story, and some verses in the Bible; there are so many similarities.

Shakespeare sets the scene for the murder of Duncan in a Garden-of-Eden like castle and presents us with a man and woman who have been tempted by devils to become like gods by murdering the reigning king. When they accomplish their “mission”, Macbeth hears a voice crying out that he has murdered sleep itself, that consequence of his sin, like Adam did in the Garden. They repeatedly hear sounds that scare
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So the relation between this verse and what happened in Macbeth is; the witches prophesied that there will be a ruler rise up against all evil.

Shakespeare saw a relationship between Saul and Adam is seen both in subtle and explicit allusions to the story of Saul. The explicit allusion is seen when Macbeth takes the initiative to visit the witches to get advice. He decides to go do it in Act III, Scene 4 and then actually visits them again he appears on stage in Act 4, Scene 1. Just as Saul is worried from the message from Samuel granted through the witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28:20), Macbeth is overwhelmed by the final word from the three sisters (Act IV, Scene 4).

The link between the story of Saul and that of Adam lies on the surface for an educated reader of the Bible. Every new leader is an Adam in some sense. In the book of Genesis, Noah and Abraham are clearly identified as new Adams through repetition of the commission given to Adam in their stories (Genesis 9:1). The new Adam theme clearly defined in Noah and Abraham becomes an undercurrent for the rest of Scripture, finding its ultimate fulfilment, of course, in Christ, the Last
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He did everything the Lord wanted him then he fell into temptation. As well as Macbeth doing everything for King Duncan then he listens to the witches he falls into temptation and is pretty puch damned by his sin. Once Lucifer sin he tried to talk over and betrayed God so he was damned from his sin. Macbeth killed Duncan then he actually took over but then also tried to keep lying and covering up with more sin.

Saul knows that prophecy gives the kingdom to David, but he determines to fight against God and keep the kingdom for his son. Though Macbeth is only rejecting the word of the demonic sisters, the idea that he rejects what is appointed for him by whatever means he can is parallel to Saul. Interestingly, though Macbeth has no children, he complains, “no son of mine succeeding,” as if Shakespeare is adding the phrase so that we can see the parallel to Saul more clearly.

So it is evident in ways that Shakespeare related Macbeth to the Bible but is hasn't been proven. Nobody knows what religion Shakspeare was so we don't know whether or not this was what he believed or if he wrote this in honor of King James, for the translation of the Bible. But the strong representation of the allusions of the Bible strongly support that
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