The Gospel Of Salvation Essay

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Anyone who does not understand sin and its poisonous fruits will indulge in it in ignorance, but those who know the power of righteousness will understand their inheritance in Christ. The message of salvation is the message of being saved by God from the destructive power of sin, and the release of the blessing of God upon those the Lord has saved. When we declared Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we were saved from the life of sin into the holiness of God.

It would be difficult for you to understand salvation without understanding what you have been saved from. The gospel of salvation is the gospel of the power of righteousness, it is not the gospel of sin. The gospel speaks of sin not because it wants to glorify sin or the devil. On the contrary,
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Sin is a spiritual sword that is drawn against all those who undermine the word of God, which forbids them not to do certain things. Sin is essentially the worst enemy you would want not to come across because it will not hesitate to kill you. The devil will disguise this terrible enemy and label it all sorts of nice names. He would label sin freedom, sensuality, modernity, democratic right or the right to determine one’s path and so forth.

When the devil hides sin in all these nice terms, he is hiding a sword that is about to devour you. He hides the colour and nature of sin so that he may tempt you to fall into it. Once you have fallen into the trap of sin, he will use other vices to keep you in bondage to sin, and he will keep you in bondage as long as you do not realise the need to be saved by Jesus.

Sin is anything that contradicts the word of God. The word of God is the blueprint of our lives. There is nothing that concerns life that is not in the word of God. When we made Jesus our Master, we have allowed Him to determine our lives through His word. In this regard, we need to bring our life in line with the word of God and when we do this, we live in His righteousness. But when we fight against His commandments, we reveal our love for the
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