The Word Of God And Revelation Analysis

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The Word of God and Revelation In the Christian world view the Bible is the Word of God and Jesus Christ the Son of God is the essential emphasis of revelation. God has shown Himself equally in the transcribed Word which is the Bible and in the mortal word which is Jesus Christ. (Muehlenberg, 2013) The Christian world view holds that Jesus Christ didn’t just bring a revelation from God the Father, but is He Himself the revelation of God. All Scripture (the entire Bible) is inspired by God, and is authoritative in all it upholds. (Muehlenberg, 2013) The New Testament canon ended of with the book of Revelation, and more statements of inspired literatures are to be excluded. (Muehlenberg, 2013) God The Christian world view holds that God is supreme. God is also individually concerned with and personally intricate in the…show more content…
The Holy Spirit is everlasting, unstoppable, and ever-present, just as the other two Members of the Trinity. (Muehlenberg, 2013) The Holy Spirit is completely God and is also completely personal as He is the helper. The comforter which Jesus Christ foretold would come was Spirit and not human. (Muehlenberg, 2013) The Holy Spirit came to testify of Jesus and live and dwell within His believers. It is thus through the Holy Spirit that the power, love and authority of God is manifested within the believer and their life’s. (Muehlenberg, 2013) In the Word of God or in other words the Bible or Scriptures the One and only God in Christian terms has shown Himself in three different ways (Muehlenberg, 2013): “as the Father, as the Son, and as Holy Spirit.” (Muehlenberg, 2013) In the Bible all godly names and characteristics are credited in the same way to God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The term “Son of God” is to be assumed in a transcendent, not a physical, sagacity. (Muehlenberg, 2013) Jesus Christ is the everlasting Son of God. (Muehlenberg,
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