The Big Bad Wolf Stereotypes

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The big bad wolf is obviously the villain in the stories. He has “Bad” as his middle name, he’s mischievous and doesn’t think about others, But how do we know that he has always been like this? In this essay, we will adventure off into his young life and some appearances he has made, including Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.
According to Disney, the Big Bad Wolf was taught to be bad by growing up with the stereotypes saying that all wolves must be bad. A few appearances have shown that the Big Bad Wolf has three sons of his own and is repeating what he was taught. Although his youngest son, Lil’wolf, wants to be good, he has made it clear to him that they must be bad and gets frustrated when he tries to be good.
One of the Big Bad Wolf’s big appearances have been in the Little Red Riding Hood. In the Charles Perrault version, the wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, while tricking Little Red Riding Hood. The story takes place in a forest, where the author states that the wolf wanted to eat Little Red Riding hood but was scared of the lumberman. He races up to grandmother's house before Little Red Riding Hood. He
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The Big Bad Wolf repeatedly tried to get in contact with each pig, so he could eat them. Each pig earlier built a house a house either out of hay, twig or bricks and in frustration, the wolf attempted to blow each house down. He blew two out of three houses down but could not eat the pigs before they ran to the next house. The last house, made out of brick, tired the Big Bad Wolf out until he could not huff or puff anymore, he was so tired that he gave up on eating the pigs but was very stubborn in the process.
In result, you have learned that the famous Big Bad Wolf has always been bad. He is a villain in stories and in reality and by the way he shows himself in these stories he could never be a hero, even if he
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