Stephen Hawking: The Big Bang Theory

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Stephen Hawking
By Sadhbh Darbey

Stephen Hawking was born in 1942 on January 8th in Oxford, England. He studied at University of Cambridge, Oxford University, California Institute of Technology, Gonville and Caius College. He then became a physicist with over twelve honoree degrees and from 1979 – 2009 he was a Lucasian professor at the University of Cambridge. He is probably the most famous genius of the modern age.
In 1963, when he was twenty-one years old, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral disease, or (ALS). This basically means that the nerves that control the muscles shut down in the body. He was told, that at the most, he would have three years to live
In 1965, he married Jane Wilde and they had three children: Robert, Lucy,
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The big bang theory, is a theory that when the universe began, it was a tiny speck, but overtime, the universe had expanded. At the time this theory was still debate able but he discovered that the big bang theory is quite like the collapse of a black hole but it is reversed. In 1970 he wrote a paper with someone called Penrose saying that the universe must have started as a speck.
One night when he was going to bed, he realized that all black holes will only ever get bigger and they can not ever get smaller and that black holes can never ever be split into smaller ones.
In 1988, Hawking’s wrote a book called ‘A Brief History in Time’, which was his theory on space and time, and his opinion on the overview of god and religion. A lot of people found his theories quite hard to understand.
So, in 2001, he wrote another book, called ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’. This book was a little bit of a remake of his first book, meaning it was an easier book to understand than the first book he had written, ‘A Brief History in Time’.
In 2001, he wrote a third book. It was called ‘A Briefer History in Time’. This book contained a summary and simplified concepts from his first two books that he had written, but he added in some new developments and ideas, such as string
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Stephen and Lucy Hawking’s have written many children’s science books together: ‘George and the Blue Moon’, ‘George and the Unbreakable Cone’, ‘George and The Big Bang’, and ‘George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt’. These books have gotten children interested in the universe. His other child, Timothy Hawking, became a marketer when he grew up, and his other son, Robert Hawking, became a software engineer when he grew up. Lucy Hawking is currently 46 years old, her brother, Timothy Hawking, is currently 38 years old, and the other sibling, Robert Hawking, the eldest, and is currently 50 years old.
Stephen Hawking is still alive today and lives in England. He is a member of the National academy of Sciences and in 1982, he was made the companion of honor.
I found it interesting doing my project on Stephen Hawking as he has a lot of theories and discoveries in his lifetime and I think it is amazing that someone can have gotten twelve honoree degrees with different subjects. I also think it is interesting how he managed to still be alive today, at age seventy five when he was told he would not make it to age twenty four with his amyotrophic lateral
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