The Big Bang Theory: Similarities Between Science And Religion

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When incorporating both science and religion to explain the physical, chemical, and biological origins, one must look at the origin of the cosmos, Earth history, the origin of life, and biodiversity. In doing so, one must maintain a balance between science and religion so that one does not supersede the other. Furthermore, by examining both sides, it will establish an answer that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Starting with the origin of the cosmos, Genesis 1:1 states that God created the universe, Earth, day, and night for nothing. While this story is accepted based on faith, science shows a similar event that resulted in the creation of the universe. The Big Bang Theory, known by scientists as for how the world came to fruition,…show more content…
The Biblical standpoint states that God created the universe from complete darkness. Now when comparing it to scientific theory, the Big Bang also started from in an abyss of nothingness and resulted in the creation of the cosmos. In essence, utilizing both of these scenarios, one can say that the Big Bang and the God’s creation of the cosmos are the same events. Now, while religion keeps it at that, by using science, they can delve deeper into this phenomena in order to see how the universe came to be. Not only will this answer the question of how we came to be, but what caused this event to happen. While there is a discrepancy, in regards to the timeline, the ideas present is still the same. This further supports that God created this instance because scientists are unable to conclude what the cause of the Big Bang was because after a particular time before the implosion occurred, the laws of physics can no longer be applied due to the intense heat. By this, it can be supported that God was the proponent that started the Big…show more content…
When looking at Genesis 1:20-23 it says that God made birds and great sea monsters that ruled the waters and air. While this seems like a contradicting statement, many scientists believe that the first multicellular beings on Earth thrived in the water. While they are not sure if avian species existed during this time, it shows how by comparing scientific findings and Biblical stories, one can further show the progression of origins. Now, on the sixth day, God made humans in his image. Religious individuals believe that they were created to be how humans are perceived today. Through scientific research, one can see how there was a progression of each variation of humans. While many see this as one of the most prominent positions in which these two entities argue, by allowing science to support religion, they will see how they are mutually beneficial for each other. By stating that God made humans in His likeness is correct, but in order to show how the evolution of humans progressed, one must continue in the book of Genesis. After God created Adam and Eve, Eve fell into temptation by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. By disobeying God’s only command, God banished them from the Garden of Eden and allowed for shame and evil to affect them. Now, after this incident, what if God also decided to change their physique to resemble that of an

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