Crocky Wocky Character Analysis

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The Big Fat Crocodile Crocky Wocky loved to eat. Every day he would go to the dumpster of a restaurant and eat until his heart’s content, he was the hungriest crocodile in town. He was also one of the laziest and meanest Ones, he would usually steal trick or treating candy from children during Halloween, when he saw some Cake or pie lying in a bag he would steal it while the owner wasn’t looking, and sometimes he would Break into someone’s house and eat their dinner leftovers. He didn’t have a job because he was a lazy bum, he lived in the junkyard hiding from the owner. It was midnight when Crocky Wocky went into town to find a restaurant dumpster to dig some food out of or a house to rob of it’s…show more content…
When he woke up from his slumber he felt as if something was stirring inside him and then suddenly his tummy started to make monstorous noises and it felt as if millions of fists were beating him from the inside which was making his tummy ripple. It scared and pained Crocky Wocky a good deal but he couldn’t do anything about for he was immobile so all he could do was gulp and let out a…show more content…
‘’I am the spider of gluttony’’ replied the voice ‘’and now you are the home for my children’’ this terrified Crocky Wocky to the core, then suddenly the spider legs started to shrink
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