The Big Five Personality Trait Analysis

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The Big Five Personality Traits are divided into five broad characteristics, which is basically used to describe the variations of human personality. The various characteristics are: • Openness • Agreeableness • Conscientiousness • Neuroticism • Extraversion This model has gained particular popularity as it shows the different traits in a person which comes up with the situational change around the person. Shritika is an entrepreneur by profession and thus meets a lot of client in her workplace. Thus, she shows the trait of Conscientiousness in her behavior of enjoying her work and meeting up new clients is a part of her job role. Conscientiousness is a particular tendency of showing discipline, acting dutifully, ambitious which also refers to the organizational, dependable and planning skill as a entrepreneur Shritika shows while working in her own HR consultancy firm (Carpenter, Berry & Houston, 2014). Then again, Shritika is seen to be going out with her friend when she is stressed because of her work. This particular incident shows the trait of an Extraversion, the particular word is used for describing positive energy, sociability or rather to gain stimulation in the company of family or friends. She even expresses the trait of Neuroticism, which is vulnerability to negative emotion similar to anger, depression, and even anxiety. Shritika shows the trait of Agreeableness which is compassion and cooperativeness towards the employees under her. The employee under

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