The Big Five Personality Traits And Interaction

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Big Five Personality Traits and Interaction
The majority of human beings find themselves within a social group of people during their lifetime. These social groups may happen to be coincidental, as in the same place at the same time; forced, a certain class within school; or by human desire, friendships. Therefore, what determines which human beings remain connected? What encourages a person to abridge or eradicate an interaction?
Human interaction is necessary for human beings to live a healthy life, and therefore, social groups are formed. People’s evolution of a relationship, from within a social group, into a friendship may be predicted because of the Big Five Personality Traits.
Kleinman states in his book that, “The human mind develops from the interactions between people and society. He hypothesized that certain tools from culture, like speech and the ability to write were created so that people could interact with their social environment” (263). Without human interaction, the human brain remains underdeveloped, and once this occurs it may be irreversible (Kleinman 263).
John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory says, “Attachment is the psychological bond between any two people.” Bowlby’s theory theorizes that children are born with the ability to construct attachments. If an attachment is unable to be created or is disrupted, then there may be worrisome consequences for the child, including negative emotional, intellectual, and social development. If the child has no
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