The Big Five Personality Traits Of Lewis Goldberg

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The researchers anchored their study on The Big Five Personality Traits of Lewis Goldberg. The Big Five personality dimensions provide a very wide-ranging overview of someone’s personality. Research shows that there are five dimensions of personality which is known as the Big Five dimensions. The Big Five dimensions of personality are as follows: Intellect (level of creativity and curiosity), Conscientiousness (level of organization and work ethic), Extraversion (level of sociability and enthusiasm), Agreeableness (level of friendliness and kindness), and Emotional Stability (level of calmness and tranquility). The big five dimensions: (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism) or OCEAN (Rentfrow, 2009). Several studies were found to be using personality as one of the reasons behind having a compulsive buying behavior. According to Egan, Taylor, and Lin (2010) as stated by Brengman, et al. (n.d.), there has been a recently discovered growing interest in the influences of personality through consumer research. The first attempt to identify the link between the two variables which are the personality and the compulsive buying behavior was made by other researchers, Mowen and Spears (1999). They used Allport’s hierarchical approach. The approach that the two researchers employed could explain materialism and the need for arousal, which can predict the compulsive buying behavior of an individual, using the Five Factor Model of Personality

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