Big Five Trait Theory Analysis

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Personality unlike physical structures are the unseen characteristics that one poses. Most of our personalities are learn from the place we are brought up in, it goes hand-in-hand with the nature-vs-nurture theory of behavior. the environment we are raised from has a great influence on how we will approach life and how we make decisions and solve problems. As we have learnt in class that thinking and learning is affected differently by how we are taught and that situations makes us make decisions that we often think will help to curd the problem according to the theories and approaches that are in the book. Big Five Trait Theory is a theory that was founded by Lewis Goldberg who is the most prominent researcher in the field of personality…show more content…
Basing on the big five theory I can classify my personality firstly as an extraversion. The characteristics of an extravert includes being: easily excitable, social, assertive, and emotional. Since am out going and like making friends anywhere that I go this makes me believe that I am an extraversion. This helps me feel relaxed and avoid being anxious of anything and it also helps in learning new things. Secondly, agreeableness personality includes characteristics like: trustworthiness, kindness, and affectionate. People who are have this trait have the tendency of being more cooperative in contrast to those who are those who are the opposite. People who are agreeable tend to: have be more interest with other people, caring, concerned for other people and enjoy helping. I believe that have these characteristics of contributing to the happiness to other people. Thirdly, is conscientiousness which includes high levels of thoughtfulness. With control and goal-oriented behaviors, people with high conscientiousness are believed to be more organized and dutiful. High conscientious people also: spend more time preparing, complete important tasks first, attentive and enjoy have schedule. This trait I do not fully subscribe to it since I don’t spend time preparing and set schedule, it’s a stricter people’s…show more content…
Some families are performance oriented and so demanding that you have to do well in class, get a good grade and hence get a nice job. This pressure is one of the most dangerous of all since the student will not be having someone to run to when things get tough and hence being a big-time pressure to the college student. Peer pressure. It is said we do not choose family, but we choose friends. Peer can be as source of happiness if chosen wisely and they can be a source of pressure if chosen otherwise. People enroll to college with the expectation of making life-long friends and to be in all kinds of social activities right away. The truth is that it is more challenging to find all those and balance takes more time. Work pressure, as college students is a great factor that leads to stress among students. The college years are characterized by quite a bit of change. For many people college is the beginning of new phase in life and it involves the process of being independent. Going away from home to school and taking an additional responsibility of working is believed to be stress inducing. Decisions making about one's life, trying to impress at work and keeping studies as the main agenda may sometimes be very stressful and bring a lot of pressure for college
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