The Big Thirst Analysis

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Without water, people and animals could not survive. Water is a precious source and must be protected as well as respected. By limiting water usage now, it will help future generations to enjoy what people have today. While there are some people who think water will never run out, others believe in conservation, just in case those other people are wrong. Fishman, in his book, “The Big Thirst,” is spot on that citizens should understand the current water situation. A closer look will illustrate why people must be more cautious about their water usage. Some people in the United States have already ran out of water in the past. That is why it is important to conserve water and limit our use of it. If people managed to regulate their excessive…show more content…
Acknowledging the current water conditions, it is unreasonable to misuse clean water to the extent some people are for irrelevant reasons. If large cities in the United States agreed to halt or reduce the production of these insignificant structures, a generous portion of water would be saved for more useful purposes. Referring to the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Fishman explains, “One of the fountains is a curving wall of water 281 feet long, almost as long as a football field, that flanks the hotel’s entrance” (52). Here, Fishman gives the readers a visual for the total amount of water being misused by the hotels and their extravagances. If city leaders put as much effort into conserving water as they do into building these enormous fountains, many of the water issues challenging the country would decrease. Because they serve no real purpose, the water being used for fountains and other unnecessary structures should be used to benefit the community instead. In addition to being aware of the careless use of water, citizens should try their hardest conserve water because it is extremely essential to…show more content…
This is why water cannot be thought of as replaceable or unimportant; it is the sole reason humans can survive. From staying hydrated to agriculture to cooking dinner, water is, unquestionably, in everything people do. Fishman makes this very clear, declaring, “We use water to baptize our children and we use it to launch the most advanced spacecraft ever created” (1). It is indisputable that there is, inevitably, no life without water. If more people understood how vital and imperative it truly is, nobody would dare to waste it without a second thought. The key to helping people realize water’s importance is to make them aware of the activities we would not be able to do without , such as ride a car or bake cookies. In conclusion, it is evident that misusing water is not an option during an era where every drop matter. Although most people in the United States cannot imagine running out of water, it is still important to protect it immensely. Responsible and effective water conservation today leads to an abundant amount of water for tomorrow. The prime goal should be, and is, to bring back the golden age of water. The lack of this indispensable fluid leads to disease, starvation, and ultimately death. Water, whether scarce or abundant, proves to humans over and over again just how powerful it truly
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