The Biggest Moment Of My Life Essay

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CThe Biggest Moment of my Life We had practiced for this day for months! We had just gotten up from a long night's rest… no ,that’s a lie we all layed in our beds in the nice hotel we’d been staying at. Thinking about this right now we had curlers in our hair which we had unfortunately been forced to wear in the lobby. Right by our beds were our freshly ironed uniforms, cheer uniforms that is (yep you guessed it) bows, white shoes, pom-poms and all. At some point we all fell asleep when we woke we got dressed as fast as we could and ate as much breakfast as we could hold down so basically a piece of toast and a yogurt. Then all of the sudden we were off towards the competition duffle bags in the trunk of our slightly embarrassing “ Thunder Car” which we had decorated earlier in the week with streamers, ribbon and gold paint. When we arrived, everything went so fast it seemed like a dream…show more content…
But I couldn’t run away partly because i’d made a commitment to my team but mostly because I was already in the air. Yep the big stunt, i’d done it a million times during practice and at the games but now it was real. Even though I was only in the air for about ten seconds it felt like a lifetime, but when I finally remembered how to breathe again I saw my mom she had a huge smile on her face and she waved at me. I would have waved back but I was in the arms of the best stunt group in the world all of the sudden. I forgot to mention that my stunt group were my best friends Alyssa, Kayela and Kandy. I flew out of my stunt gave the judges a big smile and ran off to meet the rest of the squad and Coach

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