The Biggest Problems In Simon Baker's Ancient Rome

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Simon Baker's Ancient Rome, Tiberius Gracchus realized that the Senate was not in the best interest of the people and therefore tried to address one of Rome's biggest problems by become tribune and give the people back there land. He appealed to the common people by promising that he would get back what was rightful there's. This lead to him being voted in as tribune, and from there the problems of Rome, attempted solutions, and obstacles he faced only spiraled him down faster.

Tiberius was well loved by the people, but not so much by the Senate. Simon Baker's Ancient Rome says it best by saying "As Tiberius left the Senate House in disgrace, he received a very different reception from the Roman people" (86). Tiberius built on this trust with the plebs, and told them he could get their land back, and that he wanted to help. This is prompted him to become tribune. After achieving this status, he chose to identify one of Rome's biggest problems, the distribution of land. He claimed that the upper class had too much and the lower class had too little. Therefore he proposed a new law to be passed. The law where you could keep 300 acres and the rest would be distributed to who needed it the most. He hit many obstacles when trying to get it passed for voting such as Octavius, Roman people, Senate, and even fear of leadership. When faced with this
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They chose to instead of supporting Tiberius to stand in his way any way they could. They even had Octavius veto the bill so that the Roman people could not vote. Tiberius responded by shutting down the republic to put pressure on Octavius. This ended up being a standoff between the two people, but it would shortly end. The Senate started convincing the people that Tiberius wanted to be king, and this had to stop according to them. When Tiberius gestured to his head, the last time he was on the stand, Nasica and the Senate used it to drive home their case, and kill
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