The Bilbo Baggins Character Analysis

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The Bilbo Baggins, has a comfortable life in his small hobbit hole where he was a hobbit himself a small little thing kind of like a human but smaller and a little more special, they are short and has bigger feet and have a bigger stoic and that needs more food. In this story that needs heroes and villains, luckily that this book as what it needs.Heroes are usually thought to be strong,bold, and popular.but the doesn't really fit the look of a hero, they are supposed to look big strong and muscular, but poor Bilbo is small and not all that big. Throughout the book he is always doing somthing.In the book hobbit, who was like every other little hobbit there was. And who does not really fit the idea of a traditional hero but becomes one throughout the story of his…show more content…
The dwarves are the toughest in the group and knows the skill, everyone has a skill that is needed for their journey. They have managed to get through something that got them into trouble and a had a lot of help from the wizard. Once he is becoming the hero and helping the dwarves in many ways. The first time that he really helped out, he helps with the trolls and help them get out of the elves place that he snuck them into barrels but with the help of the ring that made him invisible to where that no one can see him, and one of the bravest things he's done was when they were far along their journey. Bilbo had a task that put him near a dragon but luckily he wasn't eaten but he was cote because the dragon could tell that something of his was missing. He is very heroic and trying to be

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