The Birds Short Story

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Birds... They’re part of nature and are seen everyday. People watch them, study them, and love the beauty of a their songs. But what if the numbers grew greater? Then what if the songs they sang turned into violent screams of terror? What if they began to attack; even kill humans? Well, that's exactly what happened in “The Birds.” Even though Alfred Hitchcock based The Birds movie off of Daphne Du Maurier’s short story also titled “The Birds”, they contain many differences.
The first difference between the two is the setting, The Birds movie took place on the coast of California at Bodega Bay in the 1960s. In contrast, “The Birds” story took place post WWII in the 1950s on the coast of Great Britain. In the story the time of year was winter
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Both the story and the movie had excellent examples of foreshadow. One in The Birds movie was when the bird attacked Melanie’s head. That can be compared to when the birds were flying around Jim’s head in the story when he was on the tractor. A couple more from the movie were the different birds flying/attacking together and the American radio. They can be compared to the story very much because the story had the different birds together, too and even though the setting was different there was still a radio; the BBC radio. The radio ties into the resolution of both the movie and the story. It was a way to tell where the bird attacks were happening and if the story was a doomsday. At the end of the movie Mitch was listening to the radio in the car and the person said that the bird attacks were mainly happening at the bay and in another small town nearby and that most people evacuated. That showed the movie wasn’t a doomsday story, like the short story in the book was. In “The Birds” short story the Hawkins listened to the BBC radio to listen to the birds. Throughout it the radio said the attacks were happening everywhere and by the end of the story there was no one on the radio speaking. With that you can assume that a lot of people died and the story is in fact a doomsday story. Another thing about the resolution is that in The Birds movie is that the Brenners and Melanie get into a
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