The Birth Of A Nation Analysis

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The Birth of a Nation is an American movie which reveals about African-American working as a slave during 1800s. African-American is considered as an odd and uncivilized because their manners are not similar with white people. The Birth of a Nation is based on a true story which occurred in 1800s and retold Nat Turner’s story as an African-American slave. Nat Turner who was born as an African-American slave who is raised by his mother and his grandmother because his father had been killed by slave catcher when he stole food. Nat Turner has a friend name Sam Turner whose have a cotton field where his family belong. Both of them are friend since they were children because Sam’s family does not discriminate them directly. On the other hand, Nat is given idiosyncrasy to learn how to read. Nat knows how to read when he stole a book from Sam’s house when he found a book in his yard. Sam’s mother who realizes it suddenly has an idea to assist Nat to be a preacher. Sam’s mother asks Nat’s mother to allow him studying in her house. Nat is treated well by Sam’s family but he is not allowed to read a history which is explaining…show more content…
Nat who reads the bible carefully realizes and understand the interpretation of freedom. Nat and his friends collectively decided to defend their race by rushing white people in order to get the equal right like them. The scramble begins when African-American asks about their freedom and break up with many people died. Nat who is still alive run away from the fight and everyone is looking for him. After many times, Nat comes back to his hometown and he is being assaulted by white people. As the result, Nat gets the penalty where his head must be swing in front of people. Unfortunately, Nat Turner’s body is flayed and dismembered, his skin sewn into relies, his flesh churned into wagon
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