The Birthmark Essay

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The “Birthmark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a story that I know can still appeal to the current day and especially in the past in history. The story takes place at a time when scientific discoveries and experiments were going on to try and have an understanding for everything since at the time scientist were very curious about almost everything. Unfortunately one of the experiments they would conduct were on humans. From the Story “The Birthmark” we easily learn that human experimentation is very frond upon and that it almost can always lead to death for the person being experiment on. The Story “The Birthmark” involves a character names Alymer who is a scientist and philosopher at the time of the story. He ends up marrying a women named Georgina…show more content…
In an article published by Asia News Monitor in 2016. The news agency is interviewing Yuki Oikawa who is a political consultant for Japan as well as the Director of foreign affairs for the Happiness Realization Party of Japan. Yuki in the interview claims that the reason for the bombing of Hiroshima was so that the Japanese would surrender. He claims that Japan was ready to surrender and the U.S. was aware of it but they still continued on with the Nuclear Strike. He states “It was a human experiment to gather scientific date. It aimed to make mass experiments of the uranium bomb on Hiroshima and the Plutonium bomb on Nagasaki to test humans and obtain data for the development of nuclear weapons.” Yuki believes that because this was the first ever nuclear bomb created the U.S. wanted to find out first what’s it effects were and in doing so dropped the first nuclear bomb on japan. The U.S. basically conducted a huge human experiment with japan because of their curiosity of what effect the bomb would have on humans. This strongly supports my idea that human experimentation could vary from removing a small mark on someone’s body to bombing a nation just to find out what is possible of the human body. In this case they were again scientist who were medically curious of what radiation could do to
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