The Bishop's Candlesticks Analysis

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THE BISHOPS CANDLE STICKS - Norman Mckinnel About the author: Norman McKinnel he was born on 10 February 1870. he was a Scottish stage and film actor and playwright ,he appeared in many stage roles in the UK and overseas as well as featuring in a number of films, the best known of which is Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 production Downhill. His surname was sometimes called as Mckinnel.

SUMMARY: The one-act play 'The Bishop's candlesticks ' is an part of touching incident that happens in Victor Hugo's
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In the starting of the play,Persome, the Bishop;s sister and Marie the servant mid are found cooking in the kitchen. The starting says hw Persome tries to dominate the poor girl and she constanly scolds he. Persome and Marie set the dinner table for that night. When persome asks Marie to bring a sliver salt celler to place it in the table. The latter informs that sliver cellar are scolds. Persome is shocked to her a that and she scolds the servant maid for selling the salt celle r without her permission. When Marie tells that the Bishop asked her to do so. Persome scolds her brother for his generous nature. The Bishop has also scold his estate and furniture and aso a spent his savings for other…show more content…
And now he has escaped. When he asks why the Bishops has left the door unbarred, the Bishop tells that anyone could enter the house at any time and regrets that it is closed for the first time in thirty years. The Bishop prepares the bed and asks him to sleep. The thief is tempted by the sliver candlesticks in the room. As soon as the Bishop leaves the too , he steals it and leaves house. But he is caught by the police men who look at his candesticks and identites them as Bishop's. They bring the convict to the Bishop's house . But the Bishop tells the police men that oice me that the gentlemen is his friend and he has gifted the candlesticks to the man. The police are shocked but they cannot disobey the Bishop's word and also the y leave the house. The thief is moved by the Bishop's kind action and he asks him to bless him. The Bishop gives te silver candlestcks ,shows him the path leading to Paris and gives message that the body s the temple of the Living God. The convict is moved by the message and promises that he will remember

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