The Bite Of The Mango Themes

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There are many types of books that children under 12 like to read such as fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is a great example of a fun, light-hearted book with pictures and humour popular with this age group. Children enjoy reading this kind of books because they are age appropriate and they can easily understand them. There are other books that would not be considered age appropriate for kids under 12 to read. Children may find some themes in books frightening, they may not understand them or they could misunderstand them. The Bite of the Mango was a 2010 Red Maple finalist in the Forest of Reading. Many people, however, thought that this book was more suitable for the White Pine book category, which is the age group for high school students, due to the themes in the book. The Bite of…show more content…
As an example, take the Bondo ceremony that takes place in the book .“My skirt has lifted high over my waist. Some of the aunties and mothers held down my feet and arms while the other women there including Marie drummed and. A cloth was placed over my eyes.I felt the digba cut my vagina. The pain was excruciating and I screamed as I struggled to break free. I even bit one of the women as she held me down.”(Kamara,89) imagine being a nine-year-old and reading this. Two things would go through your head. “What is happening here” and “can this happen to me” children would have no idea what is going on and would be scared to think that someone, including their family members, might do it to me. Remember that it says that Marie, one of Mariatu’s guardians is helping out with the ceremony. This would also further play into the fear that a child would have due to the mature themes that they would not understand. To conclude, many kids would not understand the material presented in the book and start to have incorrect thoughts in their

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