The Black Cat Short Story

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The Black Cat
The Black Cat is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe that was first published in the edition of The Saturday Post.
The story “The Black Cat “has three main characters: The unknown man narrating, his wife, and their cat, Pluto. The story starts in their home. The man comes home drunken and thought Pluto is avoiding him. He is bit by Pluto and felt he was then possessed. Then he take Pluto and sculpts out his eye with a pocketknife.
Rising action
• The man hangs Pluto
• The house sets on fire
• The only remaining wall from the fire has an impression of a cat with a rope around its neck
• A man finds new cat with a white spot in its fur
• The white spot in the fur turns into the scaffolds
• The man notice that the cat loses one of its eyes
When the man is followed downstairs with the second cat and nearly trips on the cat so he takes an axe. He tries to kill the cat but the wife stops him, so he buries the axe in her brain.
Falling action
• The man decides to hide his wife’s body in the wall
• The guilt from murdering his wife decreases
• The cat is missing
• The police comes to the man’s house to investigate his wife missing
• The man hits the wall, in which his dead wife is behind, with his cane showing the police that the house is firmly put together and that his wife not there
After the man hit the wall with cane they heard a howl. The police starts to break down the wall and the body falls to the floor. There the cat is sitting on
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