The Black Cat Symbolism

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In life some people struggle to become a good person and try to do the right thing. Some people fail with the struggle. Edgar Allan Poe “ The Black Cat” is no different than real life. The narrator has a tough life. Due to alcohol, he makes bad choices, He kills Pluto the black cat, and his wife because he thinks Pluto is the reason he has bad luck, but the alcohol is the reason why he's killing people. The somber life the narrator has is bad he is killing all the people due to alcohol.In “ The Black Cat,” Edgar Allan Poe uses symbolism, foreshadowing, and irony to represent death.
The wife of the narrator, as well as Pluto, the owner’s cat, are killed in the story. After the narrator kills Pluto,he feels another cat pressing on his heart. “ by saying.“ dreams and feelings him sitting next to my face his heavy body pressing down on my heart” Its symbolic because it's representing the cat after the narrator killed pluto. The effect of symbolism in this scene builds the mood. The mood is somber and depressing as well as tense because the narrator kills people in the story. The narrator believes his cat is now evil and is trying to kill him. (Poe 3) .
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Pluto represent the ruler of the underworld and death according to the greek morphology. “Pluto is black all over, very large, beautiful and intelligent, one eye glosses like fire. The narrator is saying the cat is the reason why he's killing people. The narrator’s Wife, “ she often laughed about what some people believe; Some people believe that all black cats are evil, enemies in a cat's body. Though he loves Pluto,the narrator begins to suffer from violent mood changes because of drink (Poe 1).In The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe uses foreshadowing. “This story end with my end, with my end, with my death tomorrow.(Poe 1) The narrator builds
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