The Black Dahli Steve's Account And Theories

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who made them, his father George. Was the killer finally found? Steve’s account and theories were among the most interesting that I found in researching The Black Dahlia. As years went on Steve dove deeper and deeper into the death of Elizabeth Short and even wrote a bestseller about the case. It was titled The Black Dahlia Avenger that came out in 2003, which was the named dubbed to the killer of short in the media at the time. In his childhood home which he had concluded to have been where Short disappeared to and was murdered where he lived with his father George who was a part of a fast pace life style including drugs, money, and women Elizabeth he believed to be among them. In Steve’s book he claims to have significate evidence that linked…show more content…
The fact that the killer is without a doubt decease because of the age of the crime is almost irritating, never knowing what actually happened to Short in her missing days and who she was with could drive people involved and invested crazy. Leads have been dried for many years theories are everywhere witnesses and potential suspects are gone with every passing year and the cases gets colder by the minute. It seemed as though no one could figure out what happened, but what if it were to have happened in today’s society? I have no doubt that this crime in particular could have been solve with the technological advances we have today. Things such as superior finger printing tequniques and storage, cameras, cell phones, and more could have all been crucial in solving the mutilation of Elizabeth Short. Hypothetically if I was lead investigator on the Black Dahlia case occurring today the first step I would have taken after notifying the family and proper crime scene investigation would be to check were Short was last seen alive as they did in the real investigation. As the 47 case went the information would have been found out that she was last seen leaving the Biltmore Hotel, and from there I would do the normal canvasing of the area. As noted before the use of superior technology I believe would have been pivotal in solving this case, utilizing the many street cameras and camera’s outside of businesses might have helped get a sense of where Short was heading. Along with finding out where she was going we might have gotten more insight on who she was potentially looking out for or who she was with moments before her disappearance. A thing that made solving this case especially hard was her lack of constant communication with people she met and friends. My biggest concern and what boggles my mind is how nobody knew she was gone for so long.

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