The Black Death Short Story

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Black Death Once upon a time a 16 year old girl named,Gabrielle, was in history class once the bell rang she walked out and vanished out of the blue. Gabrielle was in a great sleep she woke up on a dirt floor house with holes in ceiling. A lady walks and says, “We have run away!” Gabrielle says in a scared voice “Where am I.” The lady said “Your in the Black Death, now c’mon we have run away.”
Gabrielle runs out with the lady. The lady stops out of nowhere and screams at the top of her lungs. Gabrielle looks at her next to a wrinkled man on the floor with black spots.
The lady starts to cry, “C’mon nothing can stop us.” Gabrielle asks “Who was that?”
The lady is still crying “My husband.”
Up ahead there was a pile of people that looked like a pile of wood on fire. When they passed the pile of burning people ashes were flying everywhere.
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Gabrielle kept running. While running she saw that people were beating themselves while skeletons just looked at them.
Gabrielle was going to try to stop them but the lady said “C’mon nothing can stop us we have to leave before the black death gets us!”
The lady finally got to a stopping point in another town.
When they walked into the dirty town Gabrielle said in a panting voice
“We have to keep going”
“No you’re too tired from running,” the lady said.
Gabrielle sat down to catch her breathe. She has been waiting to ask the lady a question.
“What is your name,” Gabrielle said
“Rose, like the flower,” the lady said
Gabrielle looks up at her.
“Why am I here”
Rose looks up at her with a confused look.
Gabrielle paused for a moment and stands up. She looks around her and sees that she is not in the year 3005. She says in a scared
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