Was The Black Death Good Or Bad

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The Black Death The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, was one of the biggest pandemics in the world. It started to spread from Eastern China, to Europe in the early 1300’s, and it reoccurred multiple times during the years to come. Merchant ships and rodents were the two main ways this disease spread and infected humans (The Black Death 1348). The symptoms for this plague were extremely painful and death was the most likely outcome in most cases. Over 50 million people died. Although the Black Death had some bad outcomes, it did more good than it did bad. Without the Black Death happening, the world would be completely different than it is today (Black Death). One reason the Black Death did more good than bad is that people nowadays…show more content…
Before the Black Death, hospitals were just places were the sick were taken to be isolated, so they would not infect others. Hospitals at this time did not do much for a person’s sick body and health because most people at this time believed that someone got sick because they had committed a sin. This was because religion was what people during this time based their lives on (Black Death). During this time hospitals did more for the soul than they did for the body. These hospitals were more like present-day hospices. The people that worked at these hospitals were usually monks or nuns, and they would pray or have mass for the sick and that was it. They did not perform any medical procedures on them (10 Good Things We…show more content…
Before the Black Death, peasants had to be in debt to the lords in order to use their land. This system was unfair and it burdened peasants with obligations. When the Black Death happened, this system was changed. Many peasants died because of the plague, so there was a shortage in labor. Fields were abandoned and crops were not harvested. The lords that owned these dying lands were desperate for work. Taking advantage of the situation, peasants began to demand for money for their labor. For the first time, peasants were making working conditions and they were working for themselves. The higher social classes did not have as much control over the lower classes. Without the Black Plague, job opportunities and the end of feudalism would not have happened. Working conditions would have still been unfair and harsh (10 Good Things We

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