The Black Lamb In The Cheese Analysis

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In the Youth Instructor, May, 1859, it tells how children can be great witnesses for Christ. Their shining faces and innocence melt the hearts of those around them. They give their full trust to God and long to do His bidding. Connecting with Jesus is the only way someone will have true love for the people around them. He makes the hard heart loving and caring. If only people would come to Him asking for a revival in their hearts. “The Black Lamb in the Fold” by Young Reaper told of little Nellie had moved to a clinic in Florida with her sick mother. Day after day she longed for a playmate of her own age, someone to confide in a play with her. She had sat with her mother many days and needed exercise and play. One day as Nellie looked out the window, she saw a little, black girl named Patsy, working. Nellie invited her to come play with her dolls, and as they were playing, Patsy told Nellie how previous girls had been afraid to play with her. She wonderingly questioned Nellie as to why she was so…show more content…
Banner and “Planting a Crop for God” by Prac. Christian, it showed children doing everything by prayer and supplication. Before planting seeds in his garden, a boy prayed to Jesus for wisdom of which seeds to plant. He knew that if Jesus knew everything, He would certainly know which seeds to plant. In another situation, a girl’s mother did not believe in God and would not allow her to her to pray. One afternoon, she took her friends out to the shed, told them to kneel down, not to tell her mother, and then she prayed. After the prayer, one of her friends went to the girl’s mom and told her. The mom then questioned her daughter. The girl kept trying to avoid the question, but finally gave in and told the truth. The mom asked her how she knew that He heard her. Though faced with a difficult question, God gave her the answer. She pointed to her heart and told her mom that something in there told her that he
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