The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement

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Roughly two and a half centuries ago, the americans fought Great Britain for their freedom. America wanted to be free from the restrictions that Britain limited them with and found a separate country where the government would guarantee freedom to its citizens. Soon, America did found their own country and it has become a place that many immigrants come to to seek for freedom. However, not all people have been granted the same amount of freedom. Although America might seem like a land of freedom for everyone, there are many races who are not free from discrimination. A recent movement called Black Lives Matter has sparked from some incidents of police brutality towards black Americans. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is a movement that…show more content…
To start with, the BLM movement confronts the issue that the black community is powerless against the authorities and state. The black community has found themselves helpless time after time in situations involving the state. Statistics further support that black lives are not being valued equally by the authorities and police. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to jail in their lifetime and are four times more likely than white men to experience force from the police. Basically, black men are much more likely to be mistreated by the police force. This suggests that police brutality is unproportionally common towards black people, most likely for the reason of racial prejudice. Another example of police brutality is comes from a ProPublica analysis, “African Americans make up just 12% of the population, but young black males are 21 times more likely to be shot dead by a police officer than white males in the same age group.” In other words, the police are far more likely to shoot a black male than a white male although the white community makes up a much larger percentage of the population. From the previous pieces of evidence it can only be concluded that the police brutality against black people is related to racial issues. Black Lives Matter focuses on a specific issue and doesn’t “water down” the
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