Black Report Sociology

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Outline the explanations for the findings of the Black Report and comment on which you think offers the most reasonable explanation for ill health.

Rachel Mc Devitt
ID Nursing Year 1 Sem 2

Throughout history there has always been a link between ill health and social class. In sociology a social class refers to the social relationship individuals have when sharing similar status, involved in earning a living. The main aspects of this relationship are the market economy which set an income according to their career. Occupational classes ranging from professionals in class I to unskilled manual workers in class V. However, class is not simply a classification it is a standard of living. These social classes
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The report set out four possible mechanisms to explain widening socio-economic in health inequalities:
The Artefact theory suggests that the apparent relationship between these two variables may be, in some way, inherent in the measures themselves. Women were ignored they relied on the social class of their spouse/husband. The interpretation of the results were based on occupation and most deaths occurred amongst the retired. It was also shown that the statistics were flawed and bias to the person who recorded and classified the social groups (Bartley et al. 2005).
Cultural theory/behavioural theory suggests that the lower social classes prefer less healthy lifestyles such as alcohol consumption, obesity and smoking, infrequent exercise, unhealthy diet these are independent variables to that of intervening variables between social structures. As a result there is an increases in the risk of diseases like lung cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. More education is needed in this area in schools and colleges to promote good health and healthy
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An individual with an Intellectual Disability has significant limitations in both intellectual functioning and in adaptive behaviour, which covers many everyday social and practical skills, some also have physical problems. Being vulnerable leaves them more exposed to the social determinants of health (i.e. poverty, unemployment, social exclusion).A person with an ID have equal rights to health care, there voice is not heard and they are often over looked. I am alarmed by the figures and statistics I have uncovered in this assignment. I fear for the future of my patients/clients with an intellectual disability who have diverse health problems and have difficulties communicating and often on a low income. Inequality will always exist, whether it is based on gender, ethics, race or

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