The Black Saturday Bushfire In Australian History

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On the seventh of February 2009, the Black Saturday Bushfire burnt across the state of Victoria. The most devastating bushfire in the Australian history. It is considered to be one of the deadliest fires to burn in Australia as it managed to burn down over 4500-square-kilometres of land, destroy 2029 homes, kill 173 people, injure 5000 people and kill thousands of animals. Individuals, groups and government stood together to help the victims in any possible way. They did so by donating money individually, communities helping the victims and government assisting them financially.
Individuals have had to suffer a lot, mentally, physically or emotionally. Reg and Mary, residents of Marysville, said “We’re not lucky to be alive, we’re lucky to
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Like many others, they too were saddened to hear about the devastating news. Without wasting any time they got into action. The government announced that Royal Commission to help in managing the disaster. The government provided money through Centrelink to the bushfire affected people. They immediately provided adults with $1000 and kids with $400. The government also assisted people with funeral costs. They provided $5000 for the families that had lost one or many people through Centrelink. The Victorian Department of Human Services provided people with temporarily suitable living place depending on the number of family members. They also gave money to the maximum of $8650 for structural damage and another $8650 to replace the necessary items. Leaving the physical injuries aside, people were suffering from mental pressure. Government had the budget of $7.5 million for mental health support to the victims. The government also provided money ($1.5 million) to the older Australians for the emergency nursing home care and also for the equipment that people need. The government also funded the education and legal sectors, provided financial assistance to council to rebuild the towns and social housing. The government did assist people financially and everyone appreciated it, we all believe that that could have been managed better by the government. The government did announce the development of the Royal Commission, but that was after that disaster had killed many people and destroyed many houses, properties, etc. This was not the first time that damaging bushfire had burnt across Victoria. In sixteenth February, 1983, a massive bushfire which we now know as Ash Wednesday had started. It didn’t kill as many people as the Black Saturday Bushfire did, but it did destroy 3000 houses. History repeated itself and the government was not prepared for it. The government knew that, bushfires

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