The Black Table Is Still There Analysis

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The black table

Lawrence Otis Graham's story "The Black Table Is Still There" relates his experiences as a junior high school student, in which he chose not to sit at the all-black table. Fourteen years later, in which he finds the all-black table still there along with other segregated tables. I believe his thesis is that, you should be yourself and follow what you believe instead of social hypes and choosing to do what everyone else is doing.Graham’s thesis is that despite mandated integration, groups will still segregate themselves. They will divide based on common interests or backgrounds. In Graham’s middle school not only was there a “black table” but there was also an Italian
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His experiences of when he returned to the school for a visit are also enough to substantiate his thesis because he witnessed the “black table” still there. He has personal observations and experiences both from when he attended school and from his visit back to the school years later. Graham’s experiences through his years as a high school student and later realizing what at that time he couldn’t understand why the black table was there, After a few sentences he speaks in first person claiming that at the time of his decision was irrational, at the age of 12 he did not want to lose his white friends. He claimed that he would of wished his actions where a heroic one, made in order to express my solidarity which the theories of integration that my community was espousing.

. I think paragraph 2 shows a brief preview of what many things he had to endure, but at the time neglecting his self respect to others. It shows that while growing up, many things would affect a person even now or would feel insulted, but it goes to show how much influence society has on civilians. He said that at the age of ten he went to a private country club pool and white parents grab and snatch their kids in
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