The White Tiger Short Story

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The White Tiger
Soft, quiet footsteps is all that was to be heard at the heart of the jungle as a man quietly walked between rotten branches from the ancient trees. His bow was raised, ready to fire. He was somewhat of a wind, once there now gone, going its own direction. The wind was blowing his way which made this day perfect for hunting. The morning was cold but the sun was already shining. The birds sang their morning song. He was so camouflaged that all that can be seen is the gleaming, sharp deadly arrow head. He slowly inched between trees, as he made his way down a hill into a clearing in the jungle. There stood a dozen young deer, chewing on grass that grew so well. He raised his bow, ready to fire. All of a sudden, the deers raised
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Bigger than any tiger a men has ever witnessed. It was beautiful. With gleaming fur it looked furious, ready to kill. It had claws the size of daggers. The dear, know aware of danger scattered. The men stayed still, not daring to move for fear of being seen. The beast savagely toor apart the deer and started eating his kill. Very slowly and soundlessly the men started moving back. It must of been the change in the direction of the wind that alerted the tiger of human presents. The tiger picked up his head and sniffed the air. Then very slowly he turned his head to the men's direction. The men jerked up. The tiger slowly walked in front of the dead dear as if to protect it. With one last hope of survival the men shot the arrow. The shot was true. The arrow flew right at the Tigers head. The tiger didn't even move as the arrow harmlessly shattered as it hit the Tigers forehead. The men stunned, stared at the tiger. The tiger growled with anger and…show more content…
The men ran faster then he ever ran as the tiger crushed everything in its way as it chased him. Fumbling through the branches the men didn't notice the he was running right toward a very steep hill. Meanwhile the tiger was jumping from tree to tree as it saw the human running. From time to time he disappeared as he blended with the trees. But the wind wasn't on the his side and the wind carried the smell of human right to the tiger. With the last of his strength, the man jumped and grabbed a vine that was hanging from the edge of the steep hill. He swung threw the air and hit his side hard against a rotten branch sticking out. Hanging, he looked down were a fast river flowed a far distance below him. He said a quick thankful prayer because there was no rocks below, nothing but mud and water. Looking up, he for the first time today noticed that the sky was clear and a beautiful blue. Mist was rising up from the the trees. It seemed that the weather was mocking him. Meanwhile the tiger was smelling, listening for any sign of the human. Wherever he was the wind didn't cary his smell to him. Very carefully he walked around the edge of the cliff. He new that the man could of not jumped and made it to the other side for even the tiger couldn't even make. He looked at the river below him and wondered If the man jumped. When he was sure that the men didn't run this way, he started walking away when

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