The Black Tower Chapter Summaries

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Part 2: Summary The black tower is a novel written by PD. James. It is a mysterious novels. The main character of this stories is Adam Dalgliesh who was a commander and investigator. It is a crime related novels. In this story, Dalgliesh had experienced a life and death experience. Therefore, he wishes to give up his long lasted career. He was recovered from his serious illness. As he recovered physically and mentally from an injury, sustained in the line of duty, and the breakup of his latest relationship. Commander Dalgliesh received a letter or call for a visit from Father Baddeley, which is an old physician and chaplain. He was also a resident of Toynton Grange. He was from Toynton Grange which was an isolated nursing home for the young…show more content…
To solve this mystery, it required thought and careful concentration to solve. Two recent deaths there within a two-week period confirm his suspicions. One was that of a patient, Victor Holroyd who apparently wheeled himself over Toynton Head to the rocks below. A few days later, Father Baddeley succumbed to heart disease. There is no reason. Eric Hewson, the resident medical officer, had been removed for a time from the medical register because of a sexual relationship with a sixteen-year-old patient. He and his wife Maggie, an unhappy alcoholic who live in Charity Cottage. According to Maggie, since they live off Wilfred 's largesse. Moxon had to leave her last post after striking an elderly patient. Helen, resident nurse, is carrying on a none-too-concealed affair with Hewson. Dennis Lerner, a male nurse, is a homosexual, and Albert Philby was the odd-job handy man. After Holroyd dead, only five patients are left. Young Georgie is now too ill to leave his bed. Grace Willison who is middle aged, puts out the home 's quarterly newsletter. Jennie writes poison pen letters to compensate for the attention she once received poison pen letters to
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