The Black Veil Rhetorical Analysis

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In this passage on “The Black Veil”Nathanial,Howthrone style of text was more effective than the “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God.By Jonathan Edwards because Mr.Hooper seemed to always be getting judge because of the “piece of crape he was wearing around,and in the church” house.Mr Hooper had a style of text as of a preacher that was not so mean to others but he was not a well outspoken preacher.On the other hand I disagree with the “Sinners In The Hand Of An Angry God because when he talks towards others he is really serious about the words that he is saying and it is very frightning to others.Joaanthan edwards had stated in the text “But indeed things are nothing if god should withdraw his hands,they would avail and dont repent you.Jonathan Edwards is a well outspoken person that would let tell you the truth about what god can do if yioud dont make…show more content…
“In The Minister's Black Veil” his style was more effective even though he got judged on by his appearance. Because people felt like that if he was preacher then why is he wearing this piece of cloth or sheet he had on.”Mr Hooper fiance had told Mr.Hooper that she wouldn't want to wear it if she was him”.All together they all thought that Mr.Hooper was an awful men because of what he had on.He wasn't really an aggressive men until when he just got tired of everything and everyone turning against
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