The Husband In Cathedral's Cathedral

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In the story Cathedral, the narrator is the husband of a wife who has kept in touch with her old boss from years past. The boss is Robert, a blind man whose wife has just passed away. After his wife’s death, Robert was invited to visit and stay with an ex-employee. The husband doesn’t want the blind man to stay over at his house because he is jealous of Robert. The husband’s wife has kept in touch with the blind man for the last 10 years. The husband doesn’t like the fact that “she and the blind man had kept in touch” (314). His wife put in time and effort to communicate with Robert, and this made her husband jealous. These two men have one thing in common, and that is the wife. She is in both of their lives. The husband had never met a blind man and didn’t want Robert in his house. The husband states, “Maybe I can take him bowling” (315) to keep Robert from staying at his house. The wife tries…show more content…
He at first doesn’t know Robert at all, and since Robert was blind the husband didn’t know how Robert’s life was and didn’t know his limitations or his drawbacks. The husband is narrow-minded and cannot put himself in Robert’s place. He even feels that Robert has a better connection with his wife than he does himself. Robert cannot see but can understand a person’s feelings and emotions better than the husband could. The husband was prejudice at first. When he first heard about Robert, he didn’t like him because he was blind. He couldn’t feel how it is to be blind. He states that “And his being blind bothered me” (314). He didn’t feel for him and didn’t even want to interact with him. When the blind man had a beard, he was shocked. He expected Robert to the image of a blind person he had. Also, the husband has no knowledge of the world, he didn’t know what a blind man looked like, acted like, or even knew that a blind man could have a beard. It wasn’t until the husband met Robert that all of this
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