The Blind Man's Envy And Jealousy In Cathedral

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Envy and Jealousy The narrator the husband in the story Cathedral uses emotion as judgment before getting to know Robert’s wife’s close friend she hasn’t seen him in a while. That was because he didn’t known about the visit she arranged it and planned it. To him it is a blind man a stranger who knows only his wife is coming over for the night. Not the recipe for the good night that is since there are those who aren’t pleased with strangers coming over. Especially if that stranger is known by the spouse things go downhill when Robert reveals more. Not only did they have history he touched her face she had written a poem about him. We wouldn’t be surprised if his face was red while he tries to hide it away with a smile. There is nothing more odd and suspicious then some stranger and the spouse who have a connection with each other. Simply he relied and used his emotions of envy and jealousy before getting to known him. There are those who are not comfortable with the idea that a stranger who has…show more content…
Robert didn’t know what he was talking about so they drew one together. When the wife took a glance and wondered what was going The Blind man said, “We’re drawing a cathedral. Me and him are working on it. Press hard,” he said to me.” As we see the two are now getting along. Bringing this back to the situation the husband was using emotion for judgement before he has gotten a chance to know him. We see this in the beginning and here is why it went that way. There are those who basically stick to emotion about someone before getting to know about them. That can and is the root of prejudice. However as the bond slowly starts to build then there is the getting to know about them. Emotion is influential feelings such as frustration and anger are two that take over. Bitterness is not just easy to feel it is unhesitant with time it goes
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