The Blind Side And Coach Carter Analysis

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The book, Rush Rode Home, and in the movies "The Blind Side", and "Coach Carter", the central characters present as being distinctly similar in many ways. The character, Adelaide in Rush Road Home, Michael in "The Blind Side" and Coach Carter in "Coach Carter" can be described as being similar in the following ways: Each character demonstrates resilience in enduring circumstances that others would not find their way through; each character overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their respective social environments, and finally, each character finds strength, and grows from being tested by adversity.
In a famous quote it explain exactly how the characters are similar to each other, “What defines us is how we rise after falling” (O 'Connor). Tony O 'Connor, this quote is valuable to remember in all aspects of life because when someone is in a hard situation or they are at their lowest point in life what they do to raise themselves back up is what 's most important overall. The three topics where a great example of this quote because they all show resilience, overcoming obstacles, and strength through tragedy.
The obstacles the characters face in their life is meant to help them grow in some way. Characters that have gone through many life experiences tend to have the most knowledge because it 's the outcome of having tough personal experiences. Going through obstacles and have life experiences enables a person to have better characteristic to lead them into the right

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