The Blind Side Character Analysis

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“The Blind Side” is the true story of Michael Oher (Big Mike), a homeless, black teenager from the poverty troubled part of Memphis, Tennessee who was taken in and adopted by rich, white family, the Tuohys. Michael Oher had a rough childhood as he was separated from his mother and siblings, and put into the foster homes and at times living on the street. He was then admitted into the private Christian school, Wingate, after the football coach saw football potential in Michael. Leigh Anne Tuohy, the mother of Wingate students, Collins and Sean Jr. found him walking in a cold rain and offers him to stay the night at their home. The presence of Michael in the Tuohy’s family has transformed both his life and theirs which then build up a close relationship between him and the Tuohys. Little by little, Leigh Anne invites Michael to be a part of their family and eventually become Michael’s guardian legally as the love between him and the Tuohys started to grow. Although Michael has difficulty learning abilities, Leigh Anne makes it her personal mission to make sure Michael will be able to make the necessary grades to graduate from high school and to get drafted to Ole Miss. He has been qualified for an NCAA Division I athletic scholarship and finally drafted by the National Football League’s Baltimore team. The movie shows that despite of different races, different colors and different social economic backgrounds, there are always good people who truly help each other so that ones

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