The Blind Side Essay

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The movie “The Blind Side” is about a boy that were on the bottom with nothing and lived in the worst part of the city, but the family Tuohy wanted to change this.
Firstly, Michael Oher had no family when the family Tuohy found him except for a mother that was doing drugs and a brother he had never spoke as he can remember, they realised that he had no place to stay so they took him home to their own house. Leigh Ann tried to find out who his mother was, but that was impossible. So instead she wanted to integrate Michael in their family by doing shopping and take him with them on other activities. The Tuohy kids went to the same school as Michael. After a while staying with the family he started to feel more welcome and he become a good friend
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Leigh Ann had been a cheerleader and her daughter Collins was cheerleader for the football team at school. To integrate Michael even more they want him to play football. After seeing him on a training session they found out that Michael had never done much sports in his life. The biggest reason why they took him in on the team was because he was big and strong but, they start think about if it was a good choice to do that and it was the trainer Coach Cotton who had started all this because it was him that wanted Michael to start on this school. Coach Cotton was about to give up Michael something that Leigh Ann could not accept. She did it her way and showed him how it should be done. Now Michael knew what he should do, but it was in the first match that really knew what he should do when Coach Cotton said that he would take care of this boy as if it were his own. The football team had struggled a lot in the past years to win the league. The team became the best in the league and all the best colleges wanted to have Michael on their football team. Michaels grades were not great, so Sean and Leigh Anne got him his own teacher to help him with getting better grades, it was the right choice to do and his grades got better and better by the time. The teacher Miss Sue and Michael had many hours with reading and writing different texts. Sean and Leigh Ann wanted him
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