The Blind Side Themes

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The blind side is movie based on a true story about Quinton Aaron. He was a homeless black teenager who wasn’t going to school and was looking like he was going nowhere in live as his dad had died and his mum was on drugs, He was living with his uncle and friends. Then the Tuohy’s met him and took him as legal Guardians, on the football field Michaels size and power made him a formidable force, help from both family and friends sees him have potential as a student and football player. In the blind side some of the main themes is Love and kindness. These 3 themes were used a lot in the blind side. An example of love and kindness in the blindside is when Leigh-Anne and the Tuohy’s allowed Michael into their family, when Michael had nothing they allowed him whatever he wanted, they gave him a house, car, bedroom and football scholarship. The movie was interesting because the story-line was very…show more content…
In the blindside the main types of music played is dramatic music and calm and peaceful music. The reason that these were the types of background music played was because it was a drama/sporty and action packed movie, it has some dramatic music in the intense moments of the film and in the calmer and happier parts film it has peaceful and calming music. In this movie my favourite moment was when Michael played his first game for the college and his opponent said “I’ve got you all day”. For most of the game his opponent won most contests between each but then Michael thought of when Leigh-Anne said “this team is your family”, so then he started smashing his opponent and winning his team points. It was probably the best moment because he injured his opponent when he was being cocky to Michael. That’s also when people started to realise when Michael was good at
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