The Blind Side Racism Analysis

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“Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.” Said Abraham Joshua Heschel. With powerful seasonal imagery Remember the Titans and The Blind Side share the goal of team unity as a means of fighting racism revealed the teams move from opposing offense’s and defense’s to unity symbolized by the wearing team colors.

In a world of racism, where whites don’t like blacks and vice versa there was one this high school made up of black and whites. For the first time in history there is one special high school in Virginia that will try and form a football team with blacks and whites. In the beginning of school year the Titans new head coach, Boone recruits all the black football players and tells them to enter
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“Courage is a hard thing to figure.” As said in The Blind Side. Michael dream of being someone in life has been crushed due to his circumstances. Until one day, Michael was walking in the street and gets approached by a beautiful young blonde lady and he gets the opportunity of his lifetime. He decides to take on that great opportunity and will now be living with a great white family. With all of that racism happening at that specific time period it was a really unexpected opportunity. He then now started going to high school with the other two “siblings” he was living with. At first everything for him was really hard. He was getting accustomed to a different way of life. He comes from somewhere with no education he is now staying for tutoring in order to get better. Then they decided to get Michael by his size and physical aspects in football program. The problem in this it’s that Michael was going to be the only black guy in the program. His willingness to get better and become someone in life was bigger than any obstacle there was in front of him. He decided to join and the whole family decided to go and watch him at his first practice. The Coach at first hates him since it’s his first time playing the game. Therefore, he doesn’t understand the game fully at the beginning. But the family is betting everything on him since they really trust…show more content…
The differences in these two topics are that Michael Oher is just one black guy trying to get in a white team and on the other hand in Remember the Titans it is a whole black team and a whole white team trying to come together and unite. The problem with Michael is not only uniting with his football team but to unite with society, with his adoptive family. “I believe that everyone is created equal. No matter what color your skin is, what religion you practice, or what you have and don’t have. You are worth as much as the next person. And everyone’s important to at least one person in this world. “Everyone is Created Equal” Martin Luther
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