The Bling Ring Analysis

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Celebrity-obsessed privileged teens who were caught breaking into celebs mansions and stealing millions of dollars worth of valuables was the story of "The Bling Ring". The group all started from four high school teen 's with different backgrounds but same motives. Rebecca whom was the leader of the group of teen 's. Played a major part in the crimes these students begin to act on. Marc on the other end, was new to the school an very quiet because of his self-esteem. He became friends with Rebecca whom is very popular in his new school. He then begin to have a different approach on how the way his life could be. The other high school teens that participated in the burglaries, just like Marc they were all affected by the peer pressure from Rebecca. As the teen 's begin to commit crimes with Rebecca, they then begin to make that a normal lifestyle. That 's when things begin to come out, an situations went to going from good to bad. First, Rebecca which is the ring leader of this outrageous group of teen 's, that has no problem following her lead. She is presented as a very popular high school student, that had all the attention from her peers. She 's fashionably the best dressed girl at school, her and all of her girl friends cherish celebs fashion. She begin to reach out to this new boy (Marc 2013) at her school, he had a totally different personality than her. Being that the boy was so shy, and she was [Last Name] 2 so popular an outgoing. Rebecca was told by the boy, "That
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