The Bling Ring Film Analysis

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FAME! What comes to your mind when you hear the word fame? What exactly does it mean? The word fame means to be the one who is talked about usually in a good sense such as celebrities, honor, renown. In todays society fame is associated with social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram are some of the main outlets of how people can achieve fame. In the Bling Ring the main character Mark was portrayed as being manipulated by Rebecca into idolizing fame however in reality his own desires were driving him. In the movie Sunset Boulevard, the main character Norma was manipulated by Max and Joe into believing her fame was still current. Although their actions did add to her belief, she herself created that delusion. In the Bling Ring and Sunset Boulevard there are various forms of manipulation however they are not blatantly shown so characters believe they are driven by their own wants and desires. The movie The Bling Ring is based on a group of Hollywood teens in California who are fascinated with…show more content…
She ends up hiring a young screenwriter to help her create her movie comeback. She has become a sad, demented recluse convinced that the outside world is clamoring for her dramatic return. Enticing him with the prospect of script work, she puts Joe up in her mansion and he becomes ever more involved and entangled in her life. As Joe gets seduced by the comfort that Norma's wealth can afford, it may be too late for him when he finally comes to the realization of what he really wants and how much he has to forgo stroking Norma's ego. The main character’s are Norma and Joe and Norma is being deceived by Joe into believing that he can help make her famous again. Joe’s greed for money leads to Norma’s delusions of being able to reclaim her fame. Even though Norma believes she is famous on her own, Joe’s actions manipulate it
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