The Blobfish Thesis Statement

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Since the dawn of man, human beings have been obsessed with the ocean. There’s something about the literal sea of mystery, that incredibly vast unknown that fascinates us and appeals to our inquisitive nature and insatiable lust for knowledge. For millennia, mankind has sailed the seas in search of treasure, monsters, and adventure (although the first two haven’t always been found, the third is almost always obtained). Despite the fact our nautical technology is the best that it has ever been, the human race has explored less than five percent of the ocean and it is unlikely that we will scrape double digits any time soon. While we may be able to navigate our way across the ocean’s surface, much of what lies beneath our boats and cruise ships…show more content…
When the morning rolled around, however, those same locals were shocked to find themselves face to face with the corpse of a 15 meter long sea monster. Although marine biologists have struggled to determine what the monster is - or was, considering the fact it had been dead for three days by the time it washed ashore - tests were able to rule out the possibility of it being a whale. The Blobfish - In September of 2013, the blobfish had the dubious honor of being voted the “World’s Ugliest Animal” by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (yes, it’s a thing). While you can’t help but feel a little bad for the blobfish, it’s difficult to argue against the fact that it was more than deserving of that award. The blobfish is an exclusively deep sea fish and generally resides in the waters of mainland Australia, a country known for its many weird and wonderful (not to mention terrifying) creatures. While the blobfish doesn’t pose any actual threat to humans, its sagging, drooling face - which actually kind of reminds me of writer and director Woody Allen - is the stuff of nightmares and is difficult to look at for more than a couple of seconds. The Queen Anne’s Revenge
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