The Blue Hotel Swede

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Stephan Cane is the author of “The Blue Hotel” set at the Palace Hotel in Fort Romper, Nebraska in the 1900s. Patrick Scully is the owner of the Palace Hotel, Johnnie Scully is Patrick’s son. The Swede is the dominant character who is eventually killed by the gambler. Cowboy, Bill, supports Johnnie encouraging him to kill the Swede. Easterner, Mr. Blanc, is quiet at first but then becomes involved after the dispute. Bartender is unable to prevent the Swede’s death. Gambler kills the Swede at the bar, known to be an upstanding family man. Patrick Sully owns the Palace Hotel right outside the railway He had three new guests, the Swede, the cowboy Bill, and Easterner. They begin to notice the Swede’s unusual behavior and disgust it amongst themselves.
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