The Bluest Eye Book Report

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This novel talks about different topics. However, the main idea that is trying to be told throughout this book is no matter what you look like, you will never reach society’s idea of beauty. In the Bluest Eye by Tori Morrison, their idea of being perfect would be to have white or light skin with blue eyes. One of the little girls in the story, Claudia, receives a white baby doll who had bright blue eyes. All of the adults thought that she would enjoy the “beautiful” doll, in fact she hated the doll and tore it apart. The adults did not ask her what she wanted for Christmas, but just assumed because almost everybody during that time was in love with that doll and wanted to care for it. Another example Shirley Temple. She would be all over the place, like on billboards, shirts, cups, etcetera. She was a little white girl who was admired by many. People would want to be like her and look the way she did because she was considered beautiful. When Pecola was at Frieda and Claudia’s house, she would constantly drink milk because of the Shirley Temple cup that they owned. She would sit there and admire the little girl on…show more content…
Tori Morrison succeeds at getting the awareness out about the impact of internalized racism, and how far people go when it comes to wanting to change their appearance. During the times in the Bluest Eye, according to society, to look beautiful, you had to be white or light skin with blue eyes. The darker shade of brown you were the uglier and poorer you seemed to people. For example, when Pecola was asked by a boy, Junior, to go into his house to see his cat. After the boy tortures the cat and eventually killing it, his mother comes into the door. And the first thing that she notices is Pecola and that she is dark skin. She kicks her out of her house thinking that she killed the cat without even listening to Pecola’s side of the story. Prior to this, Junior’s mother did not allow him to play with kids who were not the same shade of brown or
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