The Bluest Eye Conflict Essay

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In the “Bluest Eye”, the author Toni Morrison uses conflict to show the readers the idea of how young black girls have to essentially fight against society as they go from girls to young women. The author uses literary devices to present this theme such as imagery, epiphany, and colloquial language. The book is taking place in a time when the struggle was the reality, it was the norm and if you saw someone who you thought was “rich”, it would appall you. Back in those times, being “rich” was different to what it is now. Throughout the book we see those young black girls (Pecola, Frieda, Claudia) living day-to-day in this society. Being as they are young girls transitioning into the stages of becoming young adults, there are many roadblocks that society is putting forward to them and they are ill prepared for everything that is going to hit them down the line. For example, on page 27 the author says, “Blood was running down her legs. Some drops…show more content…
In making the connection between the Bluest Eye and How To Read Literature Like A Professor in Chapter 9 (It’s More Than Just Rain Or Snow) primarily page 75 the author Thomas C. Foster talks about the idea of using different weather forecasts to symbolize something. The one I am going to use is fog and it symbolizes confusion. In the text on line three, he says, “Fog, for instance. It almost always signals some sort of confusion.” Going back to the Bluest Eye to Pecola the blood running down her legs and staining her skirt does not mean anything, in her head, she is confused, appalled, maybe misguided to the situation at hand. To conclude, Toni Morrison’s purpose in writing the Bluest Eye is to show the readers of how young black girls in a way have to fight against society as they go from girls to young women. I specifically used the chapter of autumn where we saw Pecola as a symbolization of fog - confused, lost. The author uses three literary terms to present this theme such as imagery, epiphany and colloquial

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