The Body Of Christopher Creed Analysis

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High School. The epitome of how poorly someone can be treated based on what they like, or what they wear, or say and do. The doors you walk through each day are the entrance to the jungle; it seems harmless at first, but as soon as you enter you are stalked and watched by the predators. Any high school looks great to an outsider, but deep down they all consist of a ludicrous social hierarchy. In The Body of Christopher Creed by Carol Plum-Ucci, Victor “Torey” Adams experiences these things first hand after he pulls away from the scum he once knew and loved, those who contributed to Christopher Creed’s disappearance. He sees how they beat people down and how ruthless they can be with him and his newfound friends. In her writing, Carol Plum-Ucci poses the question, “How does judgement of others affect how a person…show more content…
You want to belong to people who care about you, but what if you never were? Christopher Creed, the boy who disappeared never was accepted by others. Chris was labeled as bothersome and annoying, but that was who he was. He was an intelligent person who got criticized for doing so. Many people judged Christopher, it was apart of his daily routine. As a reader you only get Torey’s stories of Chris and what he could be like at times. As the author goes deeper in telling Chris’s story Torey realizes that Chris was a good person who was pressured by so many people to do good, “‘I think Chris snapped. I think he flipped out from a combo of everything. School, being lonely, but mostly because of his parents.’” (47). Ali and Chris talked, and she understood his struggles in life and saw how worthless he felt due to the judgement of others. Christopher could no longer take it and vanished into thin air. Not one person heard from or saw Christopher Creed again. All the pressure and judgement built up and he hit his breaking point. Christopher felt the same way as Ali, he let the words stick and he too started to believe what was
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