Business Ethics Case Study: The Body Shop

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The body shop 1. Identify the main stakeholders in this case and describe (in your own words) what each stakeholder wants. Employees: the body shop employees’ aspirations include job security and diversity, a fair income, promotion and training opportunities. Franchises: want the benefit of an easily recognized, proven product and brand name, guaranteed supplies, training and advice. Customers: want high quality products, and more value for their money, and for environmental awareness. Suppliers: small suppliers want profits and income, and discounts. Trade Suppliers: The Body Shop offers its knowledge, training, creativity and purchasing power in exchange for materials…show more content…
Describe how the Triple Bottom Line (focus on profits, people and the planet) might help egg producers such as Sparboe. Well following the triple bottom line would have sparboe farm making more, and better economic decisions like taking into consideration the mistreatment of their animals, and in turn would make the animal groups more pleased and less likely to bash their corporate image, and with the bashing and corporate slander out of the way they could make more profits. 4. Do you believe McDonald's move to drop Sparboe demonstrates a commitment to the "triple bottom line"? Why or why not? Take a look at the following article and describe how McDonald's MIGHT be changing: Phasing out tiny cages for pigs. McDonald’s move to drop Spaboe farms shows their commitment to the bottom line it shows they are not willing to support a company that would allow animal cruelty. McDonald’s choice to tell all their pork suppliers that they will not do business with them if they house pregnant sows in small cages shows they are looking ahead at economical and human capital. With the animals treated better they help sustainability and in turn don’t incur the anger on animal activist. McDonald’s is paying more attention to the bottom line and their sustainability as a

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