The Body Steven King Analysis

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The story “the body” by Steven king was about four children (Vern-teddy-Chris-Gordy), from (castle rock). Which written by one of them (Gordy). The children were Teddy is the weird and crazy one because his father abuses him, and he always hit him. Chris is strong physically. And Gordy is the one who lead the group with Chris. Finally Vern is fat and they all make fun of him most the time. They are in middle school about 11 years old. The story about the their journey to find a missing body in the wood. The four children meet each other in the tree house in their village. They parents are careless and they do not get enough care so they understand each other which make them very close friends. They were very enthusiasm to find the body because…show more content…
For example, how the parents should be more careful about their children by give them the chance to express themself. Also how the reputation of the parents affect negatively in their children. Similar to what happened to Chris. Parents should be more aware of the bad reputation in their children, also that has side effect in the child personality and his reaction to the life changeling. As we know from the story what happened between Chris and the man with the dog, the man use that to make fun of his family in front of his friends so, he his crying and suffering from that deep inside When he told his friends in the wood before they find the body how the feeling other people opinion could make the person be satisfied condition. The writer make you experience how it feels like when your parents do not care where you go and they ignore you from being with them as important part of the family. I think the story explain how the children want to be heroes because they want to be something valuable. And the body was the chance to escape from their surrounding and be with someone who can understand them and having wonderful experience in the wood in order to be heroes. Finally, I think writer choose the story to be about children because it make you feel more passionate with them. How they feel and how they went over the hardships through their journey in when they try to find the
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