The Bonded Family Summary

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CHAPTER 7 The Bonded Family: Joseph and Mary The shining example of a well-bonded family is that of the parents of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mary was betrothed to Joseph. Strangely enough, Joseph found out that Mary had become pregnant. Mary’s pregnancy was a huge surprise to Joseph, and he had planned to end the relationship quietly. He did not want to do it publicly to save Mary the embarrassment. Just as Joseph was contemplating that line of action, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and explained that Mary’s pregnancy was of the Lord. Strange as it might sound, Joseph willingly accepted Mary as his wife despite the pregnancy. He loved Mary unconditionally, as required by the Word of God. In Matthew 1:24, he took Mary as his wife and did not have any sexual relationship with her until Jesus was born. Can you love your spouse unconditionally? Can you love your spouse despite his or her shortcomings? Joseph accepted Mary as his wife despite the situation. What amazed me most was Joseph’s yearning not to embarrass Mary publicly. That is love in demonstration. The Bible says love covers a multitude of sins. One of the challenges we have in our relationships is our inability to handle the shortcomings of our spouses. Most of us will let the whole world know about their weaknesses. We will let everyone in our neighbourhood know about them. We will trumpet them and discuss them with our friends and even our children. Some of us go to the extent of using our spouse’s weaknesses
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